Rusty HowardIT

    Rusty attended the University of Texas at San Antonio where he received his Bachelors in Infrastructure Assurance and Information Systems. GO RUNNERS! Rusty worked as a Solutions Architect for a manufacturer of hardware security modules (HSMs), and later as an IT Engineer for a managed service provider.

    Rusty is an avid baker and is always bringing in goodies to the office. Rusty also loves to hike, hunt, ride his four-wheeler, do yard work, and home improvement projects.  BUT his favorite thing to do is hang out with his daughters Ivy and Maggie! Rusty’s favorite vacation spot is Port Aransas. You could find him listening to classic rock or Texas country and reading Harry Potter.

    Rusty wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. He ended up being a volunteer firefighter! He may not be putting out any literal fires these days, but he makes sure to put out any IT fires quickly!  We can definitely call Rusty the fireman!