Brittney Mogab, CPAManager

    Brittney attended Texas A&M University where she obtained her BBA in Accounting and Master of Science in Accounting: Taxation Concentration. Brittney started with SPR in May of 2017, and still seems to have a heavy concentration in taxation. It’s what she does and is why we call her the “specialist!”

    On the weekends you can find Brittney doing home renovations. Her and her husband gutted their house and put it back together including doing all the electrical and plumbing. Coming to an HGTV station near you soon! JK… we wish… She also enjoys gardening and backpacking. In fact, her favorite vacation spot is Denali National Park. If you were wondering, yes… there are bears there. Don’t worry though, Brittney has been well trained on how to avoid being attacked by a bear.

    Brittney has two dogs and one cat, is an avid coffee drinker, and is a big gum chewer. When she was a little girl – and maybe even up to a few years ago – she wanted to be a dentist. She was the only accounting major in her chemistry classes in college. We are pleased with her choice to pursue the accounting route!