Austin James, CPASenior

    Austin is our Operations Manager and has been with SPR since December of 2015. He received his master’s in taxation from Baylor University. Growing up though he always wanted to be a sports agent, which totally makes sense because he is always the one planning fantasy football and the final four bracket challenge.

    If you really want to drive Austin crazy just show up to the airport and be the WORST traveler ever. He can’t stand someone who is group C and lines up while group B is clearly still waiting to board. Or waits in front of the baggage claim and won’t move to let you get your barely-made-weight-limit suitcase. But if you grab Austin a glass of bubbly all is forgiven!

    In Austin’s free time he loves hanging out with all the girls! That is, his wife and two baby girls Piper and Teddi. His favorite books are anything with felt flaps and a mirror, I mean who doesn’t?! When he’s not reading children’s books you can find Austin travelling to Las Vegas, New Orleans, or an All-inclusive resort (just don’t get on his bad side at those airports).