Raymond Johnson, CPA, CVASenior

    Raymond studied at UT and UTSA obtaining his B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology and a B.B.A. in Accounting. HOOK ‘EM & BIRDS UP! Prior to joining SPR, Raymond worked over 9 years in multiple accounting fields as well as over 5 years in financial services! His experience in the banking industry helped develop his 10 key skills and he holds the office title of 10 Key Champ! You would be wise not to challenge him.

    When Raymond isn’t working, he loves playing basketball. It’s truly one of his passions. If he wasn’t a CPA, he would’ve tried out for the NBA, attempted to coach youth sports, or became a sports psychologist *hence the psychology degree*. He keeps up with all sporting reports and enjoys going to as many live games as possible. He is up for a debate regarding who the NBA’s GOAT is, but only if that conversation includes either Kobe, LeBron, or MJ.

    Raymond loves spending time with his family which includes his wife, Christina, and his two boys. They enjoy traveling, and their goal is to visit every NBA sports arena! Raymond is also passionate about giving back to his community which includes providing supplies, snacks, and drinks to the schools his children attend and where his wife works!