Patrick Anderson, CPAManager

Patrick – a Supervisor – has been with SPR since August of 2018. At the age of 5 he proclaimed he would NEVER be an accountant… Over 13 years later he went to Texas A&M, a proud Aggie, where he received his BBA in Accounting. Once he graduated, he had an internship and completed over a year at a national public accounting before making his way to SPR.

Patrick is very much a homebody and is trying to live a minimalist life, but he is living the HIGH LIFE in a HIGH RISE in Chicago! When Patrick isn’t working you can find him hanging out with his cats, on the couch, watching Schitt’s Creek (sounds a little like a crazy cat lady moment, but we’re here for it)! Patrick loves a good OTF class or a hike (but not with dogs, since he’s a cat guy).

If you’re ever wondering how many days are left until Christmas, Patrick is your guy. You can find a singing, dancing Santa with a days-till-Christmas-countdown on his desk year-round! Ariana Grande’s Santa Tell Me is definitely on repeat!