Manny LongoriaSenior

Manny joined SPR in February of 2016 after attending Schreiner University and UTSA, where he obtained his bachelor’s in business administration in accounting. While at Schreiner, Manny was a member of the men’s basketball team. Given that Manny measures in at 5’9” with his sneakers on (or 5’11” if you referenced the basketball roster back in the day), you know that man can HOOP!

Manny loves to play basketball in his free time. His idol is Kobe Bryant, he even named his faithful companion after his idol. Going to the dog park with Kobe, hiking, coloring/drawing, and reading are just a few of his hobbies. He also loves to travel. His favorite vacation spot is Seattle, WA.

When Manny was much younger, he dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian and a Paleontologist. We aren’t sure what made him change his mind, we’re just glad he did. His favorite thing about working at SPR is our amazing holiday / vacation schedule. Surely “The Manster” already has his bags packed and ready for his next adventure!