Madeleine SchneiderSenior

Maddie is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she obtained her BBA in Accounting in 2020 and her Master of Accountancy in 2021. She is currently working towards obtaining her CPA license! Before finding her interest in accounting, Maddie first worked at an outdoor music amphitheater in her hometown, and as a finance intern for a catering and concessions company that travelled to music festivals and PGA golf tours around the country.

In her spare time, Maddie frequents concerts, and can be found at any genre ranging from alternative to classic rock, to pop, to even country! Her favorite artist of all time would have to be Fleetwood Mac, and she had the opportunity to see them live (yes, they’re still around) in 2019 in Austin. She even has a cat named Stevie Hiss, after Stevie Nicks! She loves to spend time outdoors with friends and family and is always buying more indoor/outdoor potted plants that she doesn’t need.

Growing up, Maddie wanted to be a scientist, due to her fascination with “cool” rocks she found & her love of animals.