Kirstine Flores, CPASenior

    Kirstine is one of our Senior Managers and has been working at SPR since August of 2016. She went to the University of Texas where she received her bachelor’s degree in business administration and her master’s in professional accounting. She began her career working over 11 years at Durbin Bennett Tax Advisors in Austin, TX before joining us here at SPR. Her favorite thing about working here is that we’re more than just coworkers, we’re a family!

    Speaking of family, Kirstine is a mom to three rambunctious toddlers but loves every minute of it! Three toddlers, can you say super mom?! One thing that makes her unique, or maybe super unlucky, is that she’s had the chicken pox, twice! Let’s hope that doesn’t pass on to her kids!

    When Kirstine isn’t working hard she’s dreaming about being on white sand beaches and blue oceans while reading Pride and Prejudice. She loved the beach so much when she was growing up that she wanted to be a dolphin trainer!