Kelly BrammerSenior

    Kelly attended UTSA where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and her Master of Accountancy. Kelly worked at a hotel downtown for a few years and as an event planner before going back to school to get her masters. Although she loved being an event planner, she soon felt a burning desire to be in the numbers and spreadsheets!

    Kelly loves cooking, shopping, and going out to brunch with her friends. When she’s not brunching, she is shopping. And while shopping, she’s dreaming of visiting one of her favorite vacation spots such as New Orleans, New York, or the beach. Kelly hasn’t traveled to Europe yet, but it is on the top of her list. Calgon take her away!

    Horrible drivers, the sound of her husband’s razor, and slow people walking around the grocery store are just a few of her pet peeves. When she was younger, she wanted to be a teacher so she could have the summers off. Perhaps Kelly should re-write our time off / vacation policy and we’ll see what she can come up with!