Kacey BishopSenior

    Kacey attended The University of Texas at San Antonio where she received her Bachelor of Science in Public Health. BIRDS UP! Prior to joining SPR, she worked in Public Accounting, Investment Accounting, was an HR Manager, an Insurance Authorizations Specialist, and a Research Assistant. She even worked in Fast Food in her younger days! Kacey is QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certified and is an amazing member of our team.

    When Kacey is not working, you can find her fighting over who gets to mow the lawn, playing with their fur babies and daughter Penelope, or refinishing old furniture. Kacey also loves to read, and her favorite vacation spot is New Orleans because it has the best food! Kacey loves trying all types of foods and enjoys trying different craft beers.

    Growing up Kacey wanted to be a nurse, maybe that is why Greys Anatomy is one of her favorite shows. She also loves Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and can get sucked into any crime series. Kacey enjoys all types of music and when she is working, she enjoys listening to movie scores. What Kacey loves about working at SPR is the flexibility and how kind and fun the people are. We think you are a lot of fun too Kacey!