Juan GarzaAssociate

    Juan is working on his masters at the University of Texas at San Antonio, go Roadrunners! Juan has already obtained his degree in accounting. Juan has served as a coordinator for fitness and wellness at UTSA Campus Recreation, where he earned runner of the month!

    When Juan is not working, he likes to binge watch Hulu, Netflix, and Peacock. His favorite TV shows are The Office, Modern Family, and Brooklyn 99. He loves all the Fast and Furious movies, no matter how cringy they are. He likes working out, staying active, and cooking with friends on the weekend. Juan is also trying to get more into golf. Juan’s current favorite vacation spot is South Padre Island with his family. He is a big fan of rap, country, and Hispanic music. Pretty much anything that is not rock!

    Growing up Juan’s parents were the absolute perfect role models and raised him down in the RIO GRAND VALLEY! Juan’s childhood dream was to make it to the MLB, but instead of adding up his RBI’s he will be deducting charitable contributions and calculating your taxes! SPR is excited to have Juan hit homeruns on anything that is thrown his way!