Jaime De Los SantosSenior

    Jaime graduated from St. Mary’s University with his BBA in accounting and an MBA with a concentration in accounting. GO RATTLERS!

    Believe it or not Jaime has other interests than accounting. Jaime loves to play tennis & pickleball. He stays active by playing 2-3 times a week at local parks and gyms around town. When he’s not on the courts he and his wife like taking their fur babies for long walks. When it comes to listening to music, he likes any kind of music you can dance to. Who knew Jaime had the dance moves… perhaps he’s got moves like Jagger?

    When Jaime was young, he had a large interest in pursuing a career in Law Enforcement, specifically working with criminal investigations. Sounds boring, accounting is so much more fun! His grandfather is his idol (or rather his hero). Isidro De Los Santos Jr founded Parts Service Supply Co., Inc. in 1968 and has grown to become one of the largest international mining and machinery equipment companies along the United States-Mexico border. Jaime says it best, “he built a legacy out of nothing… he’s amazing!”