Frankie Martinez, CPAManager

    Frankie attended UTSA where he obtained his BBA with a focus in Accounting and Management. He was named the Treasurer for Association for Latin Professional in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA).

    Cooking out with friends and watching sporting events are a few of his favorite things to do. He recently started taking the game of golf more serious. Although, he can’t understand how a ball that doesn’t move can be so hard to hit? His favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas. He grew up playing Baseball and dreamed of replacing Derek Jeter at shortstop for the New York Yankees. #GOALS

    Frankie enjoys all types of music from country to hip hop to Tejano. His favorite book is Wins, Losses, and Lessons by Lou Holtz. Frankie claims to have two left feet, perhaps Jaime needs to give him some dance lessons! As you know, Frankie grew up playing sports so when he says, “being here at SPR makes me feel like I’m on a team again” you know it’s coming straight from the heart.