Debra JordanExecutive

Debra joined Slattery Perkins Ramirez P.C. in December of 2019. Before joining SPR she worked for the North East Independent School District at an elementary school as Data Processor.

When Debra’s not at the office you’ll find her taking long walks or hanging out with her kids. She also enjoys cooking and catching a concert. Her favorite music genres are old school Rock n Roll, mainstream rap, hip hop, and R&B. When she’s not rocking out in the kitchen creating a delicious masterpiece, she is watching her favorite TV show Top Chef or her favorite movie John Wick.

Debra dreamed of becoming a Police officer when she was younger. After watching Silence of the Lambs, she quickly changed her mind. No Chianti or Fava Beans for her! Debra grew up in California and both of her kiddo’s were born there. After living in Texas for 15 years they now call it home. One of her favorite places to travel is Italy. She enjoyed going to Florence, Rome, and Capri. She says, “seeing the original Pieta by Michelangelo was life changing!”