Carrie PerkinsBookkeeper

Carrie attended Texas Lutheran University as well as the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she graduated with her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. Prior to joining SPR in March of 2020 (yes, we hired her in the midst of a Global Pandemic!), she followed her father’s footsteps and worked in Banking and Trust for over 14 years.

When she is not working, she spends quality time with her husband, their 2 boys and their dog, walking, playing in the back yard or going for a drive with all the windows down. For vacation, Carrie opts for anywhere that is cooler than Texas. After 20 years in San Antonio, she still hasn’t adjusted to the hot Texas Springs, Summers and Falls – Scotland has been her favorite vacation spot so far.

If you had asked Carrie what she wanted to be when she grew up she would’ve said a Primatologist. Jane Goodall is one of her biggest role models and she was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to meet her multiple times. Even though accounting and primatology are not exactly the same, she is happy to have found her home in the sometimes wild SPR family.