Andy DayAssociate

    Andy attended Texas Lutheran University where he shined on the football field and in the classroom earning his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Accountancy. Growing up Andy wanted to be a Civil Engineer. Apparently designing spreadsheets suited him better!

    Andy loves True Crime podcasts. If he has an air pod in, chances are high that’s what he is listening to! His favorite books are Everybody Always by Bob Goff and Blink by Malcom Gladwell and his favorite artists are Zach Bryan and Mac Miller. Andy’s hobbies are collecting and drinking whiskey, racquetball, and finding new food spots. His favorite vacation destination is Isla Mujeres…beautiful water with an underwater museum. A must see!

    Something unique about Andy is his size. He is 6’4” without shoes on! His pet peeve is when someone takes food off his plate without asking. Well, when you are 6’4” you need your sustenance, so that is fair!